On Thursday, July 21, 2022, we had our 2nd Member Spotlight: Club Secretary Lynn Roman.
Lynn came into the room wearing all black with playing cards attached to her and a clever blackjack table hanging around her neck.
Lynn gave us her Two Truths & a Lie about herself so that we could learn a little more about her:
1. Her favorite video game is Pac Man
2. Was a blackjack dealer in Vegas
3. Loves to cook Italian food, especially homemade pasta, bread, and pizza
The Club was divided in the vote for the lie. Lynn explained the truths and the lie to learn a little more about her. Lynn loves Pac-Man and loves to cook Italian food. She even brought homemade pizza and had her sister help her serve it to the Club. Her lie? Although she had a creative costume, she was NOT a blackjack dealer in Vegas.
It was another fun time for the Club, and everyone learned some tidbits about Lynn! Stay tuned to learn more in our next Member Spotlight!
Two Truths and a Lie - Lynn Roman