At our meeting on Thursday, August 18, 2022, the Member Spotlight shone on Membership Chair Kristen Feld!
Kristen made her entrance decked out proudly, wearing Carolina Blue. Kristen had Two Truths & a Lie about herself to see how well we knew her and to share a little about herself:
She told us:
1. Fostered over 130 kittens & 1 puppy
2. Roy Williams is my uncle
3. Spent summers living next to Stephen King
Kristen has fostered over 130 kittens and did try once fostering a puppy but found they were better off with the kitties! We also learned that her parents liked vacationing in Maine and would spend their summers two doors down from Stephen King.
And the lie? The Club picked #2 as the lie, and we were correct. Roy Williams, the college basketball coach who served as the men’s head coach for the North Carolina Tar Heels for 18 seasons, is NOT Kristen’s uncle. Kristen explained that they took a photo with Roy Williams and put it on their Christmas card saying “Merry Christmas with Uncle Roy” which made everyone think it was her uncle!
We had another fun time learning about a member of our Club. Who is next? Stay tuned…

Kristen Feld - Two Truths & a Lie