At our meeting today, Thursday, August 4, 2022, the Member Spotlight shone on Kay Johnson!

Kay made her entrance into the room by dancing, something she claimed was out of her comfort zone though she looked amazing and danced well. She did threaten anyone who posted photos or videos of her entrance, so, sadly, we don’t have that to share!
Kay had Two Truths & a Lie about herself to see how well we knew her and to share a little about herself:
1. Has published a work
2. Performed in the production of “Fame” my freshman year of college
3. Is able to marry you, eulogize you, or both.
We picked #2 as the lie, and it was the lie…but only partially. She was in a production of “Fame,” just not her freshman year! Kay indeed has a published work, and she is an ordained minister, so she can marry you, eulogize you, or both!
Kay also talked about her faith and her passion for helping people and social work, evident in her work as Executive Director at Harbor Inc., domestic violence and sexual assault agency in Johnston County.
We had a great time, and everyone learned a little bit more about Kay Johnson, including how to pronounce her real name “Katrusia” correctly!
Who will be next? Stay tuned…