Dominican Republic Humanitarian Service Project

Clayton Rotary Club has enjoyed participating in this incredibly rewarding, annual multi-club international project. The project began in 2013. Members from our Club, along with other Rotarians in our District 7710, spent a week in the Dominican Republic working with local Clubs there. From 2013 – 2019, they built and installed latrines and playgrounds. They also used member donated funds to locally buy needed items for families in need such as books, toys, hygiene items, and more.

After 2019, they decided no further latrines were needed. In February 2020, they built 3 single-family homes, all with indoor plumbing, and bought the necessary items locally.   as bought the needed items locally while they are in the Dominican Republic to give to the families in need.

In both 2021 and 2022, due to the pandemic, our District could not send any members to build houses on the annual week-long trip. We did collect and send funds to continue to buy needed items for the families.

We plan to return to the Dominican Republic in 2023, to continue working on this much-needed and fulfilling project.


Rotarians hard at work on the 2018 latrine project in the Dominican Republic.
Clayton Rotarian, Charles Marcom, working on the 2018 latrine project
Finished Latrine - Dominican Republic Project


Clayton Rotarian Josh Davis served as a Project Manager in the Dominican Republic project in 2019.
Loading latrine materials in a truck to be transported to the job site to be built. 2019
You can't see his face, but that's Clayton Rotarian Charles Marcom hard at work building in this shot from the 2019 DR project.
The door to the latrines were painted with the Rotary Wheel and the names of the two Districts participating.
Clayton Rotarian Tara Abernathy (Far Right) takes a break during the work day (2019)
They named a street after us in the neighborhood where the latrines were being built in 2019.
Rotarian Workers from District 7710 received the key to the city for their help in the Dominican Republic project in 2019.
Project workers attended a local Rotary meeting in the Dominican Republic-2019