At our meeting today, August 31, 2023, we welcomed Brent George, who was Treasurer of the Clayton Mid-Day Rotary Club. Sadly, the Mid-Day Club had made the tough decision to give up its charter and dissolve the Club. They had funds left over and decided to give the money to our Club since we were their original Sponsor Club. Brent presented Clayton Mid-Day Rotary Club’s check for $8,065.47 to President James Woodall. Brent said although he couldn’t tell us what we’d have to use the money for, he hoped we would use it for scholarships as that was an important cause to their Club. Our Club thinks scholarships are pretty important, too! We are sorry for the reason we received these funds but are grateful to have the opportunity to put them to good use in our community.
(L) to (R): Brent George, President James Woodall